NativeBase | January Scoop


February 24, 2022

NativeBase | January Scoop

January 2022 has been a blast for us. We did a ton of exciting things and we want to share the buzz with you!
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NativeBase Design Kit Launch! 🚀

When the end of 2021 was high, we launched NativeBase Design Kit. The file contains variants of all the UI components from the NativeBase Library.
Here's where to get this toolkit:
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Click here to know more about this incredible piece of tech.

The first-ever Design Meetup at GeekyAnts!

The creators of the wonderful visuals behind NativeBase had a remote meetup on 29th December 2022. The event was organized by GeekyAnts.
Join our Designers as they walk you through Design Systems.

Bringing Notion Updates to Website in real-time? Is it really possible?

The answer is yes! We migrated our blog from MDX to a custom implementation using Notion and Next.js.
We also hosted a Twitter Spaces to talk about the challenges we faced and how we overcame those.

Building a Twitter Spaces Clone with Vipul Bhardwaj!

Vipul Bhardwaj, one of the minds behind NativeBase, had a webinar in collaboration with 100ms, a video conferencing platform, on the 18th of December.
Vipul spoke with 25+ individuals on how to build a Twitter Spaces Clone.

Hall of Fame: Clone Experiments 🏆

NativeBase Clone Experiments is a showcase of work by developers who are pushing the boundaries of web and mobile technology with NativeBase. They do this by creating beautiful, unique experiences with inspiration from famous websites.
Here’s the list of the experiments we conducted:
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The New in NativeBase (v3.3.4)🛠

We are constantly trying to improve your experience with us.
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Here’s the list of updates we did last month:


  • Fixed Infinite loop in Image component
  • Fixed heading component fontFamily
  • Fixed toast component overlap


  • RN static functions (prefetch, getSize, queryCache) for Image component

GitHub stars! 🌟

We hit 17k stars on GitHub.
We couldn’t have done this without you!
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Till next time then. Ciao! 👋