Mobile-first, accessible
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NativeBase is an accessible, utility-first component library that helps you build consistent UI across Android, iOS and Web.
w={{ base: 56, md: 80, lg: "md" }}
<AspectRatio w="100%" ratio={ratio}>
<Image source={HeroImg} alt="image base" />
<Text bold position="absolute" color="white" top={0} m={[4, 4, 8]}>
<Stack space={4} p={[4, 4, 8]}>
<Text color="gray.400">September 21, 2021</Text>
<Heading size={["md", "lg", "md"]}>
The Stunning Dawki River in Meghalaya is So Clear That Boats Appear
Floating in Air
<Text lineHeight={[5, 5, 7]} noOfLines={[4, 4, 2]}>
With lush green meadows, rivers clear as crystal, pine-covered
hills, gorgeous waterfalls, lakes and majestic forests, the
mesmerizing. Meghalaya is truly a Nature lover’s paradise…
<HStack space={3} px={[4, 4, 8]} pb={[4, 4, 8]}>
<MoreIcon _light={{ color : "green.600" }} _dark={{ "green.400" }} />
<Text _light={{ color : "green.800" }} _dark={{ "green.400" }}>
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Highly Themeable. The Only Limit Is Your Imagination

Themeability is one of the core elements of NativeBase. Customise your app theme and component styles to your heart's content.

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const colors = {
rose: {
50: '#fff1f2',
100: '#ffe4e6',
200: '#fecdd3',
300: '#fda4af',
400: '#fb7185',
500: '#f43f5e',
600: '#e11d48',
700: '#be123c',
800: '#9f1239',
900: '#881337',
pink: {
50: '#fdf2f8',
100: '#fce7f3',
200: '#fbcfe8',
300: '#f9a8d4',
400: '#f472b6',
500: '#ec4899',
600: '#db2777',
700: '#be185d',
800: '#9d174d',
900: '#831843',

Out of the Box Accessibility

Powered by React Native ARIA

Powered by React Native ARIA, which provides React hooks that enable you to build accessible design systems in no time.

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Keyboard Interactions
NativeBase primitives provide basic keyboard support for your apps so that users can navigate it without a mouse.
Screen Readers
Screen readers facilitate text-to-speech conversion and detect crucial content to be conveyed to people with visual disabilities.
Contrast Ratio
NativeBase gives you a contrasting colour based on your theme. You can also customise it using the useAccessibleColors hook.

Now Supporting Utility Props

Inspired byStyled System

Inspired by Styled System so you can rapidly build custom UI components with constraint-based utility style props.

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Hey There!
<Text bold color="white">
Hey There!

Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink is a comprehensive demo app showcasing all the NativeBase components in action. It includes buttons, forms, icons and much more!

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Scan with theExpo app on your Android device to see the special dish we cooked for you!

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Rich Component Library

NativeBase offers nearly 40 components so you can build seamlessly. It includes action sheets, menus, spinners, popovers, breadcrumbs and more.


<Box alignItems="flex-end" p={8}>
<VStack alignItems="flex-end" space={5}>
<FormControl.Label mb={3}>What's your event called?</FormControl.Label>
<Input placeholder="Event's Name" />
<FormControl.Label mb={3}>When is your Event?</FormControl.Label>
<Radio.Group nativeID="patani" name="day_night">
<VStack space={3}>
<Radio value="day">Day</Radio>
<Radio value="night">Night</Radio>
<Divider />
<Checkbox size="sm" value="tnc" justifyContent="center" mb={4}>
I agree to Terms and conditions
<Button mt={2} endIcon={<AddIcon size={3} />}>Create Event</Button>

Responsiveness Made Easy

Instead of manually adding responsiveness, NativeBase V3 allows you to provide object and array values to add responsive styles.

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<Center flex={1} p={4}>
direction={{ base: "column", md: "row" }}
space={{ base: 2, md: 4 }}
flex={{ base: "none", md: 1 }}
<VStack display={{ base: "none", md: "flex" }} space={6} mt={8}>
{ => {
return (
<Box flex={{ base: 1, md: 3 }} bg="blueGray.50">
<VStack px={8} my={6} space={6}>
<HStack mt={4} space={4}>
<VStack flex={1}>

Now with Dark Mode

Building apps with a dark mode setting just got a whole lot easier. NativeBase is now optimised for light and dark modes.

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<Stack space={4}>
<Input placeholder="Chat Room ID" />
endIcon={<ArrowForwardIcon size={6} />}
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Consistent across Web, Android & iOS

Whether you're building for the web, Android or iOS, we've got you covered. Fast-track your dev process with universal components.

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We Are Growing

NativeBase is a popular component library among devs & we're constantly improving it.









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What are people saying?

Here's what other React devs have to say about NativeBase.

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Adarsh Jaiswal

The level of customisable theme being provided by @NativeBaseIO alpha is really great to see. ⭐Eagerly waiting for the fully stable version.

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Ichiro Kimura | anect CEO

By the way, NativeBase v3 is really amazing. Especially we love that we can build custom UI components with constraint-based utility-style props. Thank you for creating this wonderful design system :)

Twitter Profile Image of Reviewer
Aman Mittal

I've never been more impressed by a UI component library than @NativeBaseIO right now. First class support for Skeleton components! 🤯

Twitter Profile Image of Reviewer
Mazi Juls

Native base 3.0 🔥🔥. Now I can get the chakra UI feeling on react native too. Lovely work guys! @NativeBaseIO

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