Hackathon  Guidelines

What do I have to do?
After you register, you will be shortlisted for the Hackathon happening on the 2nd of July in Bangalore based on your Github profiles. We will release the list of shortlisted teams by 29th June, 2022.
On the day of the Hackathon, you would be expected to build an app using NativeBase.
NativeBase is an accessible, utility-first component library that helps you build consistent UI across Android, iOS and the Web. It provides universal components for React and React Native. Using these pre-built components, you will be able to build your masterpiece in less than half the time and effort.
In order to prepare for the Hackathon, please go through the below websites:
  1. https://nativebase.io/ to know more about our UI library
  2. https://docs.nativebase.io/ to understand how you can make the best out of our UI library.
  3. http://madewithnativebase.com/ to understand how to apply NativeBase components to your projects.
On the day of the Hackathon, you will be asked to create apps using NativeBase for which we will provide you with the relevant app screens. The app needs to work on all three platforms - web, android and iOS. You can check out the themes onhttps://nativebase.io/hackathon.All further information will be provided at a later stage.
What are the tech stacks to be used?
Libraries: React, React NativeFront-end: NativeBase, Expo, Next.jsBack-end: Firebase, Supabase, AWS
Important channels to follow:
  1. For instant support and doubt clearing on the Hackathon, join our Discord channel #hack-with-nativebase: LINK
    • Note: If you are not signed in to Discord, you may be taken to our NativeBase server.
    • In that scenario, go to the channel #hack-with-nativebase to join.
  2. For Hackathon-related updates and contest results, follow us on Twitter: LINK