NativeBase | May Scoop


June 16, 2022

NativeBase | May Scoop

May was super-lit for us 🔥. We became 4k strong on Twitter, revamped our Discord support flow, and finalized the hottest Hackathon of 2022’s summer. Here are the deets ⬇️

HackWithNativeBase is now live 🤩🌟

HackWithNativeBase is a hackathon designed to bring together the community of skilled React and React Native developers.
⌛ Last date of registrations and project submission: 18th of June, 2022
🗓️ Event day: 2nd of July, 2022
📍 Location: Bengaluru, India
🎯 Our goal: Create one-code applications for all platforms
The selected candidates will move forward to compete with other coders to win the grand prize of 100,000/-.
There are also other mini-challenges like Tweetathon and more happening with the Hackathon.
Visit the website for more details:
For all updates and announcements, follow us on Twitter.
For support and instant doubt clearing, join the #hack-with-nativebase channel on Discord.
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NativeBase v3.4: Feedback Time 🎙

It’s been a while since we released the latest version of NativeBase v3.4.
On the go, we updated a few fixes and improvements with v3.4.6
If you haven’t checked it, this is a perfect time.
And if you have checked it out, DM us on Twitter or drop a text on our Discord server and let us know how has your experience been.

Hall of Fame 🏆

Clone Experiment #4: Responsive login and checkout flow app for web & mobile

For our next clone experiment, we took a popular cosmetics website, rebuilt it using NativeBase components, and named it ‘Nayak.’ All the screens built during this experiment were inspired by Nykaa, one of India’s top players in the beauty industry.
Check out how we achieved it with different sorts of login screens:
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The New in NativeBase 🛠

We did a lot of improvements and fixes updates to get to v3.4.6
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  • Textarea hovered and disabled state issue
  • Menu focus state issue
  • Select press issue on iOS
  • Slider thumb size, sliderTrackHeight type fixes
  • Input rounded prop issue
  • Popover close button issue on Android
  • Unstyled input placeholderText issue
  • MenuItem Design fixes
  • Checkbox multiple rerender in Checkbox.Group

We Love You 4000+ 😍

We are super-stoked to see our community grow. This happened because of all your love and support. Without your boost, we will not be where we are right now.
Thank you, for making us 4000+ strong on Twitter.
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Revamped Discord Support Workflow

We have been working on improving your support experience by making it easier for you to get the help you need. In order to do that, we streamlined our Discord support workflow.
Now, all your queries are recorded as well as answered without any waiting time.
You ask and we answer promptly—this is our new motto. 😉
So, go ahead and ask us your issues, we promise we will respond as quickly as feasible.

Get started with us!

Till next time then. Ciao! 👋