NativeBase | March Scoop


April 14, 2022

NativeBase | March Scoop

We welcomed March with a pinch of fun and a ton of memes!
(If you follow us on Twitter, you know what we are talking about 😉)
Here is a recap of what happened and a sneak peek of new releases happening in April.

The Most Awaited Design System Creator: DSX

The disconnect between the designers and developers is coming to an end.
Launching at the end of April, DSX will make building design systems fun again. Say goodbye to backlogs and hello to great apps.
Get an early preview here:

Your search for the right flatmate will end soon!

As we all know, looking for a flatmate and a place has been a problem. Especially since “Moving to Bangalore” happened! We are solving this once and for all with Roofinder:
Go ahead and register yourself in this new quest!

Hall of Fame 🏆

NativeBase Startup+ React Admin Templates

Our React Admin templates come with a ready-to-use environment, and you won't have to waste time configuring a project because the package includes all build scripts and tools.
Rest assured, read this article to learn more about React Admin Templates.

Building an E-commerce app using NativeBase Startup+

NativeBase Startup+ makes it easy for you to build an e-commerce app with its multiple distinct UI components. Its codebase and documentation are also globally available. And now all you have to do is implement them according to your needs.
Give this detailed article a read to know all about it.

Customizing components in NativeBase

We've made it really easy to customize components in NativeBase.
Here is a step-by-step guide to try it out with the button component!
The article will assist you in customizing the components to your liking.

Extension to browse NativeBase docs by versions

Shubham Verma, a developer at GeekyAnts, just made browsing through NativeBase docs easier.
Say hello to searching docs by versions through the app and then opening them in the browser. Download it right here:
notion image

Get Started with us!

Till next time then. Ciao! 👋