NativeBase | June Scoop


July 20, 2022

NativeBase | June Scoop

June was enjoyable, interesting, and exciting. We ran through it while drinking Red Bulls. And we're eager to tell you everything.
We attended multiple international conferences in June and organized a hackathon at the very beginning of July with over 200 attendees in person. We connected with a lot of folks from the React and React Native communities, and we look forward to working with and bringing together people with similar interests.
So let's get to the details.

Hall of Fame 🏆

HackWithNativeBase-The biggest React Native Hackathon of 2022

We collaborated with iNeuron to host the world’s biggest React Native Hackathon in 2022. There was a total headcount of 250 participants who were shortlisted for the final round, offline at iNeuron’s office.
We worked with tech gurus like Hitesh Choudhary, the man behind Telusko—Navin Reddy, and a few other tech influencers.
This hackathon gave us the opportunity to serve our community just as we had imagined. With such a huge number of participants, it was like a summer fair for all the React Native enthusiasts at the venue.
There were some truly life-changing ideas. One such team tried their hands on Builder, something that is in our books to be conquered in the future. Another team built a fintech app called Nina, which helps learn about finance, including stock markets. This app was built by and for women.
The top 10 teams with universal apps were finalized, and the top 3 teams got to take the prize home. But hey, there’s always next time.
The amount of love and support we received from the audience and the iNeuron team was impeccable.
Thus, this event went down in our books. And we can’t wait to host yet another hackathon in the future.

App.js Conference-A hands-on three-day conference

We attended the three-day event, App.js Conference, in Amsterdam from the 8th to the 10th of June in person! This event was filled with workshops focused exclusively on React Native and Expo.
Sanket Sahu, our CEO, was one of the speakers. He talked about the state of one codebase for all the platforms and discussed the behavioral and technical differences between web and mobile platforms, among other points.
You can watch the video here:

React Summit—the biggest React conference worldwide

The ReactJS Community, in collaboration with Focus Reactive, hosted the React Summit that took place for 2 days on the 17th and 21st of June.
We were the silver sponsors of this event.
We heard Taz Singh, the founder of Guild, talk about how React Native is everywhere at this event. He discussed the strategy they used to develop Guild and the creation of their Mondrian cross-platform responsive design system, among other things. Something that we have incorporated while building NativeBase.
You can watch his whole talk here, and maybe you will hear something new about NativeBase:

React Day Bangalore-Bringing 2000+ React developers together

All the React developers in Bangalore must have attended this two-day conference on the 8th and 9th of June. React Day was jam-packed with amazing talk sessions and panel discussions on React and React Native-related subjects.
This event gave the viewers and in-person attendees an opportunity to network with 2000+ enthusiastic React developers.
And in case you missed it, our parent company, GeekyAnts, was the bronze sponsor of this conference. We do like to flatter ourselves sometimes.

Mapping Figma designs to React Components

This was a super informative live stream that happened on the 10th of June, 2022. They discussed how designers and developers need to be on the same page from the beginning of any project and why bridging the gap between them is so important, among other things.
Here is a detailed rundown of the whole live stream:
Or watch the live stream here:

Introducing—Component Of The Week Series

Behold, the component of the week series is here! Here we provide you with simple, hands-on demonstrations of how to use NativeBase components in your project.
Our very first video: Find out how to build and customize a button with ease.
Watch the video here:

5 Checklists to Help You Pick the Right React Native Template

If you are looking for React Native Templates, this article will bring you closer to the perfect React template for your project.
We have made a checklist to make your React Native Template hunt easier. And it comes with a bonus of something cooler.
notion image

Get started with us!

Till next time then. Ciao! 👋