NativeBase | April Scoop


May 17, 2022

NativeBase | April Scoop

April started with a monumental prank and ended with a bang.
We released NativeBase v3.4, improved the NativeBase Figma kit, and added a few projects to Made with NativeBase.
Let’s get down to deets.
Here is what went down in April ⬇️

Just for fun 😏

Did you really think we would do that?
Maybe in one of the universes in the multiverse, we have already done it.
But in our universe (aka Earth-616), it’s still off the cards.

NativeBase v3.4 is finally live 🥳

We released version 3.4 of NativeBase. It comes with amazing design updates and new DX improvements. Sanket Sahu explains the new version and what it means to us in detail here:
We also released the latest version of Figma Kit (v3.4). Check it out here: NativeBase v3.4 Design Kit
And, for a detailed overview, check out the changelog.

Projects made with NativeBase stole our hearts in April 💙

We love seeing our community create magic with NativeBase. Here are two submissions on the Made With NativeBase website that became show stoppers.
  • SVG icons explorer:
    • A customizable icon set that includes all of the icons you'll need for your website and mobile app. To check it out, click here.
  • MyDoge app
    • The social wallet for the people's currency. MyDoge is a self-custodial Dogecoin wallet that is both free and safe. To explore the app, click here.
notion image

🤩 In other news...

Our latest app clone is live on the website. Check it out here: Nayak - the Nykaa clone
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NativeBase Startup+ Design Trial Kit 🧬

Speed up your project development by 2x using the new and updated NativeBase Startup+ Design Kit.
The trial kit is a collection of five pre-designed screens. All of them are responsive, accessible, and compatible with both light and dark modes. You can edit it in Figma and use it to create screens for your React and React Native apps.
Duplicate the kit here.
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NativeBase Startup+ is flying high 🏆

200+ copies of NativeBase Startup+ have been sold to date. We are humbled, thankful, and super-motivated by this acceptance. Thank you for supporting us.
The team is continuously working on new improvements and fixes. We are excited to be sharing the upgrades with you soon.
In the meantime, check out what the buzz is all about here: NativeBase Startup+
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The Meetups are back 🤩

After months of patient waiting, we finally organized a React Native in-person meetup in collaboration with GeekyAnts.
We dived deep into the latest developments in React Native. Rohit Singh, one of the minds behind NativeBase, spoke on how users can create their own mono repo applications with NextJS and React Native support using Solito. Obtaining universal navigation was the objective behind the Solito experiment.
You can watch the video for more inside scoops:

Get started with us!

Till next time then. Ciao! 👋