Why NativeBase?

What does NativeBase do?

NativeBase is a mobile application development framework which enables developers to use React Native to build native mobile applications running on the major mobile platforms - Apple iOS and Google Android. The applications stack of components is built using native UI components and because of that, there are no compromises with the User Experience of the applications. NativeBase is targeted specially on the look and feel, and UI interplay of your app. NativeBase without a doubt fits in well with mobile applications which cut downs one huge part of your app The Front end.

What makes NativeBase unique?

NativeBase uses the React Native platform's default rendering and layout engine to display the UI of the application. This means that the applications that use the NativeBase framework are exposing exactly the same UX as natively written applications. With React Native your application logic is written and runs in JavaScript, whereas your application UI is fully native; therefore you have none of the compromises typically associated with HTML5 UI.
The hymn of React Native — learn once, write anywhere.
The paradigm employed by the NativeBase allows to use native iOS and Android components, and bring about changes to the UI through a JavaScript thread running in the background. Developers use NativeBase as it allows them to have a common codebase for all their application code. It doesn’t force developers to reinvent the wheel every time they circulate from platform to platform.

Why should I learn NativeBase?

NativeBase gives you the potential of building applications that run on iOS and Android using a single codebase. React Native is our choice for the application language.
It’s tough to overlook React Native, as it's so far one of the fastest-developing mobile app development that essentially permits you to create a isolated product with often outcomes. React Native apps seem to run simply as speedy as native apps. React Native simply takes charge of the view controllers and programatically generates native views using javascript. This means that you can have all the speed and power of a native application, with the ease of development that comes with React.
What is really great is that you can use shared UI cross-platform components, which will drastically increase your productivity. When using NativeBase, you can use any native third-party libraries out of the box. You do not need to use wrappers or do any other actions. The new additions to the native platform are available immediately. NativeBase provides amazing support for adding components, so that you will by no means hit a lifeless stop.

Is it difficult to learn NativeBase?

NativeBase aims to get you up to speed with writing iOS and Android apps using React Native. NativeBase has a basic setup explained here.
NativeBase provides you with detailed description and working of components in its documentation.

What language is NativeBase written with?

NativeBase is written with React Native and JavaScript.

How much does NativeBase cost?

NativeBase is open source and free.

What skillset is required to get started with NativeBase?

NativeBase is an open source framework which allows programmers build native iOS and Android application with JavaScript.
To start implementing applications with NativeBase, you should be familiar with the JavaScript language.
Rest of the things, NativeBase takes care for you. docs

What devices and OS versions is NativeBase compatible with?

How does NativeBase run my JavaScript code on iOS and Android?

When using NativeBase, you're going to be running your JavaScript code in two environments:

Can I contribute?

NativeBase is completely open source - Feel free to clone it or fork it!
Please follow our contribution guide if you want to become part of the project.