Contributing to NativeBase

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the NativeBase project!

NativeBase is completely open-source. Feel free to clone it or fork it!
In favor of active development, we accept contributions from everyone. NativeBase team is constantly marking issues and features that the community can implement. You can contribute by submitting a bug, creating pull requests or even by improving documentation. Beneath is the manual to be accompanied strictly earlier than submitting your pull requests.

Coding Style

To keep project away from disputes we make use of ESLint, which is really a handy linting tool that enforces strict coding styles and makes sure your files are free from dead code. Each module of NativeBase has bundled ESLint as a dev dependency. In order to lint your code run following command.

cd AwesomeNativeBase
npm install eslint

Git Flow

NativeBase is an infant and growing rapidly, so we planned to stick to Git Flow. Below are the rules you need to follow:

Reporting Bugs

Request for New Feature

Code Fixes and Enhancements